“Sophie’s World” Connection #7

This story ended similarly to the movie Stranger than FictionStranger than Fiction follows an extremely mundane man who begins to hear the mysterious voice of an unknown woman narrating his life.  He questions what is happening, but as his life begins to improve with his newfound distraction from his typical schedule, he realizes that he needs to find the narrator and know if his life will continue in the same positive manner with which it has changed.  He searches for the narrator, and is unable to properly communicate with her; however, eventually he discovers her and begs for his life to continue positively (and continue in general, because the author is known for killing her characters).  I found Sophie’s World related to Stranger than Fiction, considering they both involve “characters” becoming uncomfortable with the fact that another human being has a godlike grasp on their lives.  Both protagonists hope for a renewed grasp on their lives, and although Sophie doesn’t struggle with realizing how much this new control has benefited her life like the protagonist of Stranger than Fiction, the two characters have mostly similar thought processes.


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